Universal Tank 2

Ett snabbt nyhetsinlägg:

Fick precis reda på, via Google+, att ett spel jag följt i många år har en kickstarter.

Första delen (Tank Universal 1) har funnits på Steam tämligen lång tid.
Personligen har jag varit med ända sedan spelet betatestades.
Det är gjort av en enda person (Phil Jones) och har en otroligt cool Tron-liknande
design. I grunden är det ett hederligt Tankspel med tung retroinspiration.
Men man hittar också en allvarligare underton i berättelsen som binder ihop
spelets alla delar. Oavsett vilket är det ett cool projekt som förtjänar stöd.

Tank Universal 2.



Steam Greenlight

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October News

Well, well. Time is ticking by. It is getting cold outside.
The great computer season of the year is rolling in.
Soon it is winter.

The channel is doing well:

67 Subscribers,

On a personal level I have been playing quite alot of Minecraft.
I found ”Life in the Woods(1)” - a most excellent modpack.
Looks fantastic and offers a much more serene and non-tech
approach to the world of Minecraft.

Life in the woods1

As you can se it is much more colourful. This is thanks to shadersmod which was recommended.

The gameplay is almost serene, much like meditation to be honest. I like it.
In fact I like it ALOT Happy

Version 2 is soon to be released. But in the mean time you can find the first version
on this
LINK. Mind you it is MC version 1.6.4 and require you to install it under a Forge
profile in the vanilla launcher.

Derek Smart II

If you go too 3000ad’s webpage you see this at the top:

3000ad add

Now go to youtube and watch other people play this game ”Line of Defence”.
By all means go and try it your self on Steam.
But whatever you do: DO NOT PAY anything for it. I mean it!

Now, as a game ”Line of defence” is horrible. Poor graphics, very poor sound design and
abysmal game play. What is worse is the fact that non of this is due to a try to make a
retro game. No this is ”The shit” as Derek Smart see things.

The image above states ”The definitive space & planetary combat MMO”.
This is a lie. It is false marketing. Lets be honest: it is bullshit on a royal level.

”Line of Defence” is as far from ’definitive’ as I’m from being ”The Hulk”.
In fact all of Derek Smarts game are not even remotly definitive since he keeps doing
the same game over and over again. Granted, with smaller variations. But still you
can see them for what they are: clones. Not exact clones. But still clones.

Also, the MMO part of the game is non-existant. I’m guessing that Derek Smarts
definition of MMO (not to mention ’definitive&rsquoWinking are rather different compared to everybody elses.

This is false marketing. But then again, so is basically all of Derek Smarts games.

They sound good on paper. Really good. Alot of promises and inspirational words.
But when it comes to reality it all dissapears into thin air.

The only people who likes Derek Smart games is Derek Smart and those he managed to fool.
I’m saying this as one who purchased several of his earlier titles. Yes I’m that gullable sometimes.

For the life of me I do not understand why this person thinks he is the paragon of game quality.
Why does he think he knows anything about Star Citizen? Why does he think he represent us other
kickstarters? Why does he try to sabotage the whole project and by doing so claiming to be correct?

I’ve said it at different places:

Derek Smart is a hack.
One single minute of any Star Citizen modules (even in their current state)
is better than his whole career. On ALL levels!
Not only Star Citizen. I’ve plenty of games 20-30 years older which
for all practial and fun purposes are better and more well crafted.
He knows it. But he would never ever, ever say so openly.

narcissism |ˈnärsəˌsizəm|
excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one's physical appearance.
Psychology extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one's own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type.
See note at
egotism .
Psychoanalysis self-centeredness arising from failure to distinguish the self from external objects, either in very young babies or as a feature of mental disorder.


Very recently I payed into a brand new indie game. Alpha access.
I know, I know...you should not pay anything until the game is ready
and done. But now and again you find something truly extraordinary.
At that point you understand there is no choice.


The name of the game is (as you might have guessed)

It is a top down rouge like Ascii/Ansie action RPG with a VERY particular look and feel.

The game have a extemly cool neon green design which remind me of old computers. In many ways
the game play is as old as the computer it self. It is clearly retro. At the same time you as the player
can clearly see and feel the presense of newer design elements.
Hell, even the web page look unbelievable cool.
Old Ascii and ansi graphics are coupled with new style game mechanics like drag and drop UI and
RPG elements. Even stealth. This game, despite not being ready is choke full of content.
Even a built in manual - something I whish more games had.

You play as a little robot dude; Cogmind. Who has to explore this strange world which bears a strange
similarity to a love child of Tron and Neuromancer. In this world you find other robots. Not all of them
hostile. You can interact, hack, destroy and hide from them. Some you need to destroy in order to
survive. Buildings and things in the world can be used to your advantage. Sometimes you can hack
them for information or turn things on or off. The numer of things you can do are too many to mention
in a list.
While you do this exploring you have to improve your self. From bits and pieces, many coming from
destroyed robots, you build a better you. New weapons, legs/wheels, body, power generation etc.
All whith good and bad stats. Adapt to whatever playstyle you want to have.

Go to the website
HERE in order to read more in detail about the game.

So what you get is fantastic (retro) graphic, innovative and clear UI as well as controls. Great
sound design and big world to discover at your own time. Lots of content. Items, weapons,
upgrades and alot more.
At current time you get the alpha access for 30 USD (at the lowest tier).

The game is not done. Keep that in mind. But already this alpha has more content than many
ready games. So if you like games of this sort: support the developer. It’s well worth it.

Expect videos of this game on the channel in the future...

I’m going to be playing this for a long time to come! Happy




Minecraft is without doubt one of my favourite games of all time.

It is not only the creativity it offers.
Neither is it the predictable unpredictability of the world of Minecraft.
Multiplayer and modding is also fantastic. All these things are great.
Among the best computer gaming has to offer,
and it works on most computers independent on OS.
No it is simply this: When all else has turned to shit in your life,
Minecraft is always there to offer a safe nice and very fun environment to take it out of you.
THEN, after that, all the other stuff comes into play.
It’s a computer game version of contemplative meditation - kind of.

Also, the game does not try to decide anything (but the basic parameters).
Instead YOU, the player, has to decide what to do. What your story is going to be.
This is one of the best features of the game.

Another great personal favourite of mine is the fact that most of the game
involves creating things. Most games nowdays are based around conflicts and
destruction. It is present in Minecraft too. But only in a small way. You can
totally avoid it if you put your mind into it.

As I get older I find my self wanting more laid back games. Things I can sit back
and do what I do without to much stress and hectic action. Now, I like action games
like the next guy. But in smaller and smaller doses as time goes by.

Minecraft is not without its faults however.
Despite its fairly primitive graphics it still runs a bit slow.
But it has been improved in later versions.
Also the very sparse in game information is a pet peeve of mine.
But I do understand why they choose to do it that way.
But as the number of craftable blocks grows, so does the need for information.
The mod packages have improved somewhat upon this.
But the player still need do leave the game,
go to some wiki, and look things up in order to get the know on how stuff are working.

I have always enjoyed vanilla Minecraft.
This is a nerdy way of relating to the un-modded version of Minecraft.
But I do however like mod packages like ”
Feed the Beast”, ”Technic” or ”AT Launcher”.
They all offer a multitude of different mod packages. Each with their own different style.
One I’m particulary fond of is ”SkyFactory2”, which is quite challanging and very fun.

So yes, I have MC installed on practically every computer I own.
I could not see any time of gaming without it.
Imagine that! It is not even an AAA game (despite Microsoft now owning Mojang).
I’ve lost count on how many different bases I have built during the years.

So these are some of my arguments why Minecraft is one of the best game ever,
on my list at least....



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Late Night Recording...

Late last night, which technically is today, I ended recording of Torchlight 2.
It was the first episodes of a new single player series. I liked Fate. I liked
Torchlight 1 even more. Torchlight 2 is the culmination of them both.

As you know, I have been doing a multiplayer series of T2 for some time now.
I’m out of material for this particular series. Since I do not know when
I can record more I decided to do a single player one during the down time.

But it has a twist: it is a maxed out modded Torchlight. Mostly cosmetic but also
some added bonus content and improvements. In short those 10 mods make T2
shine like never before.

I can not say when they’ll get published. Quite alot in the que. But it will be some
time this half of 2015.

As an added side note: Torchlight 2 is now available for mac users! Just like T1.
So why not go get it? Happy

Here is the
link - Enjoy!

Torchlight Series Wiki

Read the full article HERE!

Torchlight is an action role-playing game developed by Runic Games and published by Perfect World, released for Windows in October 2009.[7] The fantasy-themed game is set in the fictional town of Torchlight and the expansive caverns and dungeons nearby, which adventurers explore to collect valuable loot and battle hordes of monsters.[8] Following the October 2009digital distribution release, a Windows retail box version was released in the U.S. in January 2010 by Encore, Inc,[9] and JoWooD Entertainment published a retail box in Europe in April 2010.[1] A port for OS X was developed by World Domination Industries and released through Steam[10] on May 12, 2010. Runic Games and World Domination Industries developed a port for Xbox Live Arcade which was released on March 9, 2011.[11] A Linux port was released as part of the game's inclusion in the Humble Indie Bundle 6.

Development of the game was led by Travis Baldree, designer of
Fate, joined by Max Schaefer and Erich Schaefer (co-designers of Diablo and Diablo II), and the team that worked with Baldree on the original incarnation of Mythos.[12][13] In September 2012, Runic Games released a sequel, Torchlight II, for Windows.[14]

The player controls a lone hero who explores a series of randomized
dungeons, fighting large numbers of enemies and collecting equipment, gold, and other loot. The game also features a single town which serves as a hub, to which the player character can periodically return to buy and sell items to NPC vendors and obtain quests.[15] As the protagonist delves into the dungeon, a series of quests are presented which involve battling unique bosses that advance the main storyline. Optionally, the player may take on side quests, random quests or visit branching dungeon areas.[16]The graphics are three dimensional and viewed from an overhead perspective, similar to the isometric perspective used in the original Diablo. On personal computers, the game is controlled using a point-and-click mouse interface and keyboard hotkeys, while the Xbox Live Arcade version uses a controller and has a completely redesigned user interface.[11]

The game generates each level of the dungeon by assembling modular "chunks" of the game environment. Each chunk is designed by hand and may be composed of multiple rooms. They can contain scripted events and interactive objects such as levers that open secret doors or cause bridges to move.
[17] This approach to level generation is intended to create dungeons with more purposeful design, instead of environments that simply look like "crossword puzzles that have been extruded upwards."[18]

As in
Fate, the player has a permanent pet which fights alongside and can carry and sell loot. The initial pet can be a wolf dog, a lynx or, in the retail version of the game, a ferret;[19] the player can feed fish to their pet to transform it into different creatures.[20]
Also present in the game is a
retirement system, in which the player can pass on an heirloom item from an old character to a newly created one, likened to a New Game Plus game mode.[15]

features three character classes.[17][20]
  • The Destroyer is a wandering warrior skilled in melee combat, although he also has the ability to call upon ancestral spirits to produce magical effects.
  • The Alchemist is a spellcaster drawn to the magical power of Ember. He can fire blasts of magic and electricity from his specialized focus glove and can summon imps and steampunk-styled robots.[21]
  • The Vanquisher is an elite city guard, sent undercover to investigate the town of Torchlight. She specializes in ranged weapons and can also use traps against her foes.[22][23]

The player develops their character by placing points into class-specific skill trees. Further, there is a separate category of spells that any character can learn from scrolls, regardless of class.

On August 4, 2010 Runic Games announced Torchlight II which will be a continuation of the story, featuring a co-op mode, new player characters, an "overworld" with multiple outdoor areas, and a new user interface.[14][57][58] Although the developers originally estimated a 2011 release, the game was finally released in 2012.[59]

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Darwinia Wiki

Read the full article HERE!

is a 2005 real-time tactics and real-time strategy video game for several platforms. It is the second game developed by Introversion Software, and its setting is within a computer environment that simulates artificial intelligence.

Darwinia was created as a digital theme world for artificially intelligent polygons by Dr Sepulveda. Housed in a massive network of surplus Protologic 68000 machines from the 1980s, Darwinia is a world where the single-poly Darwinians, with their simple, but growing AI, can grow and evolve. Darwinia is also where the world can visit to see them frolicking in their natural, fractal habitat. A Darwinian lives a life working and growing, until the eventual death of the Darwinian, which releases their digital soul to later be reincarnated.

However, the player arrives in the midst of an emergency. Darwinia has been infected by a
computer virus, and Sepulveda is in near panic, watching decades of research being corrupted and being used up. Sepulveda enlists the player, a curious hacker who stumbled across Darwinia by accident, to aid him in rescuing the Darwinians and drive off the computer virus. The player is given access to the combat programs, simple tools that originally began as mini-games. These are now the only means of attack against the virus. As the player progresses, it soon becomes clear this is not enough, and that triggers the third aspect of the gameplay, which is evolution.

The first two levels of the video game act as an introduction and allow the player to familiarize themselves with the controls. After that, Dr Sepulveda begins assigning tasks that span several levels to achieve a long-term objective. The first task involves clearing the virus population from and reactivating the Mines and Power Generator to provide resources for the Construction Yard. Once done, the Yard begins producing armored units, allowing the player to move on. The next task involves the reincarnation of Darwinians: the Soul Repository in the center of Darwinia collects the floating souls, and sends them down to the Receiver, where the Darwinians gather them and send them to the Pattern Buffer to be reprogrammed with the main Darwinian blueprint code, where they are sent to the Biosphere to be reborn. The player must clear the Viruses from all the facilities and reactivate them.
In the final level of the game, Sepulveda traces the Viral infection back to its source, which is
e-mail spam. After Sepulveda had accidentally flashed an image of his face across the skies of Darwinia, The Darwinians had assumed him to be God. They then re-aligned a portal inside Darwinia in an attempt to communicate with God. The Darwinians managed to access Sepulveda's computer, downloading several files and eventually downloading the Spam. The e-mails were infected with a very nasty strain of internet virus which corrupted the Darwinians. The player is tasked to destroying the few remaining e-mails.

Darwinia mixes elements from strategy, action, puzzle, hacker and God games alike, meaning that it does not fall under a specific video game genre.[1]The player has the ability to run several programs through the Task Manager (a reference to the Windows Task Manager),[citation needed] similar to units used in many real time strategy games. Research allows the player to upgrade programs and weapons, which is critical as the enemy develops. Mission Objectives are given at each location/level, as the player and the Darwinians attempt to wipe out the Viruses.

Darwinia features a number of intros randomly selected when launching the game. These contain a number of references that may be obscure to some players, especially those unfamiliar with older European computers. These include:
  • Cracktro text scroller: a spoof of the crack intros that were common among pirated computer games, especially on platforms popular in Europe, such as the Amiga and Commodore 64. The text humorously references both coding for 38 hours straight and finishing the intro in 12 minutes. Allegedly, the release of Darwinia on the Steam platform was delayed for several hours when a Valve employee saw the intro and believed there had been a security breach.[7]
  • The Matrix: one intro features green Darwinians dropping from the top of the screen to form a logo, a reference to The Matrix (See Matrix digital rain).
  • Real-time Raytracer: another cracktro-style intro featuring a raytraced scene of spinning spheres. This was a popular effect in many old demo scene productions.
  • Cannon Fodder: a black screen displaying the text "This game is not in any way endorsed by Sensible Software" while the beginning of the theme from Cannon Fodder plays. The text is a reference to the message that shows at the start of Cannon Fodder, "This game is not in any way endorsed by the Royal British Legion." Some see this as an acknowledgement of Cannon Fodder's influence on Darwinia.
  • ZX Spectrum: one of the intros is designed to look like the ZX Spectrum when loading a tape-based game.
  • Life: a simulation of the cellular automaton game of Life in which Darwinians live, die and spread in a grid based on just a few basic rules.
  • MBTI into: this intro scrolls through the four dichotomies on a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, listing introversion last as it is the name of the developer.

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Update February

Darwinia 201 SP SWE
Darwinia 201 SP SWE is out!

Finally we continue our adventure in this excellent indie game.

I really have to many series going. But what to do? I really
enjoy most of these games. It would be a shame not showing
them. I will do my best not to forget anything I’ve started.

BUT some of them will soon be endend. Hopefully this will
lessen the burden Winking

During the meantime I’m busy recording and editing new
episodes from a brand new Skyrim series. I was unhappy
with what I’ve made previously. So I began from a clean slate.
I will not say more than this just yet.

The last week of February (W23) the ”Ethan Carter” series will
pick up where it last left off. This game we will see to the end.
It is qute short so it will be fun.

Oh, and during january and February I have tinkered a bit with the
Youtube front side. It looks alot better now. Or at least different.

I have alot of episodes planned for the future. So have fun,
relax and enjoy the ride!

Also: The Channel can be found at these places too:
Steam Community - Steam Curator

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