Very recently I payed into a brand new indie game. Alpha access.
I know, I should not pay anything until the game is ready
and done. But now and again you find something truly extraordinary.
At that point you understand there is no choice.


The name of the game is (as you might have guessed)

It is a top down rouge like Ascii/Ansie action RPG with a VERY particular look and feel.

The game have a extemly cool neon green design which remind me of old computers. In many ways
the game play is as old as the computer it self. It is clearly retro. At the same time you as the player
can clearly see and feel the presense of newer design elements.
Hell, even the web page look unbelievable cool.
Old Ascii and ansi graphics are coupled with new style game mechanics like drag and drop UI and
RPG elements. Even stealth. This game, despite not being ready is choke full of content.
Even a built in manual - something I whish more games had.

You play as a little robot dude; Cogmind. Who has to explore this strange world which bears a strange
similarity to a love child of Tron and Neuromancer. In this world you find other robots. Not all of them
hostile. You can interact, hack, destroy and hide from them. Some you need to destroy in order to
survive. Buildings and things in the world can be used to your advantage. Sometimes you can hack
them for information or turn things on or off. The numer of things you can do are too many to mention
in a list.
While you do this exploring you have to improve your self. From bits and pieces, many coming from
destroyed robots, you build a better you. New weapons, legs/wheels, body, power generation etc.
All whith good and bad stats. Adapt to whatever playstyle you want to have.

Go to the website
HERE in order to read more in detail about the game.

So what you get is fantastic (retro) graphic, innovative and clear UI as well as controls. Great
sound design and big world to discover at your own time. Lots of content. Items, weapons,
upgrades and alot more.
At current time you get the alpha access for 30 USD (at the lowest tier).

The game is not done. Keep that in mind. But already this alpha has more content than many
ready games. So if you like games of this sort: support the developer. It’s well worth it.

Expect videos of this game on the channel in the future...

I’m going to be playing this for a long time to come! Happy