Endast Svenska...

As from December 1:st 2015 this blog is only written in Swedish!
Från den 1 December 2015 är denna blogg skriven på enbart svenska!

God afton!
När jag från början startade den här bloggen för kanalen, var målet att göra den internationell.
Orsaken var att fler hade problem med svenska jämfört med engelska.

Några månader senare (knappt ett år) har jag emellertid ändrat uppfattning. Eller rättare sagt
min ursprungliga tanke var nog korrekt. Men jag har helt enkelt slutat bry mig.
Jag har inget i mot att träna på att skriva engelska. Men det är betydlig lättare och tar kortare
tid att skriva på svenska. Motståndet är mindre helt enkelt. Därför har jag nu beslutat att
all text framöver kommer vara svenska (med vissa smärre undantag, för why not Winking )


Channel News

The Channel is moving forward.
It is closing in on 10.000 views. Spread over 400+ episodes of content.
At most it had 50 subscribers. But like we all know it fluctuates.

Since I now have more free time I have much more time to record
and edit. This has resulted in an enormous amunts of episodes
reday to be released. A number of new series as well as updates
to existing ones.

However, I’m currently working on my uploaded buffer. When it is
gone I will start uploading new fresh material.
I am not able to give any time frame. You’ll know when it happens Happy

But soon I will release a brand new Minecraft Skyfactory2 multiplayer
series. It is being edited right now at this very moment...

Late Night Recording...

Late last night, which technically is today, I ended recording of Torchlight 2.
It was the first episodes of a new single player series. I liked Fate. I liked
Torchlight 1 even more. Torchlight 2 is the culmination of them both.

As you know, I have been doing a multiplayer series of T2 for some time now.
I’m out of material for this particular series. Since I do not know when
I can record more I decided to do a single player one during the down time.

But it has a twist: it is a maxed out modded Torchlight. Mostly cosmetic but also
some added bonus content and improvements. In short those 10 mods make T2
shine like never before.

I can not say when they’ll get published. Quite alot in the que. But it will be some
time this half of 2015.

As an added side note: Torchlight 2 is now available for mac users! Just like T1.
So why not go get it? Happy

Here is the
link - Enjoy!

Update February

Darwinia 201 SP SWE
Darwinia 201 SP SWE is out!

Finally we continue our adventure in this excellent indie game.

I really have to many series going. But what to do? I really
enjoy most of these games. It would be a shame not showing
them. I will do my best not to forget anything I’ve started.

BUT some of them will soon be endend. Hopefully this will
lessen the burden Winking

During the meantime I’m busy recording and editing new
episodes from a brand new Skyrim series. I was unhappy
with what I’ve made previously. So I began from a clean slate.
I will not say more than this just yet.

The last week of February (W23) the ”Ethan Carter” series will
pick up where it last left off. This game we will see to the end.
It is qute short so it will be fun.

Oh, and during january and February I have tinkered a bit with the
Youtube front side. It looks alot better now. Or at least different.

I have alot of episodes planned for the future. So have fun,
relax and enjoy the ride!

Also: The Channel can be found at these places too:
Steam Community - Steam Curator

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